Fg Off Joe Halliday RAF VR(T)



Fg Off Halliday RAF VR(T) spent 8 Years serving 2324 Chigwell Squadron as a cadet rising to the Rank of Cadet Warrant Officer. Upon finishing his cadet career with an impressive cadet service CV he joined the RAFVR(T) at the age of 20. He did a brief post as an officer at 452 Hornchurch Squadron before becoming the Adjutant Officer at 2324 as his primary post within the ATC.  Fg Off Halliday also has a secondary duty as squadron Duke of Edinburgh, Adventure Training and Fieldcraft Officer. His presence is known throughout the wider London Wing Community being a member of the London Wing Training team in Adventure Training and Fieldcraft.

Fg Off Halliday is approachable and admired by his subordinated and peers alike. He has good leadership when in command and encourages the best out of all those who work with him. His enthusiastic nature and excitement to work with the cadets is clearly noticed.