Squadron Staff Roles

A typical Squadron structure:


The Commanding Officer (“CO“) is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the Squadron.  The CO’s role is to develop the staff and cadets, and set the strategy for the Squadron.  2324’s Mission Statement is ‘To get the best out of our cadets and staff’.


The Adjutant is usually the CO’s second in command (2 I/C).  The role of the Adjutant is to deal with the day to day running of the Squadron.


The Training Officer is one of the most important roles on the Squadron.  The Training Officer administers the academic training, ensuring the cadets’ enthusiasm and progression is maintained.


The Supply Officer is responsible for maintaining uniform and equipment levels for the cadets and staff of the Squadron.


The Warrant Officer ensures that the CO’s orders on the general running of the Squadron are carried out. The Warrant Officer’s precise tasks vary from squadron to squadron, but his influence lies in 3 main areas: discipline, drill and dress.


The Shooting Officer introduces the cadets to the skill and discipline of marksmanship. Each squadron gets an opportunity to compete in different competitions throughout the year and it takes time and discipline for the Shooting Officer to train the cadets and to get them to a good standard.


The Duke of Edinburgh Award (DEA) Officer helps the cadets to achieve the Skill, Service, Physical Achievement and Expedition sections of the scheme.  Most of this training and work towards the award can take place either on Squadron or through the activities the cadets are involved in.


The Media Communications Officer (MCO) is responsible for ensuring any event that features the cadets in a public environment is attended and the Squadron is represented in a way that benefits its place in the community using all the latest social media. The MCO is to provide media advice/support to the CO and monitor the public image of the Squadron in-line with the policy of Air Cadet Organisation (ACO) and the RAF.


The Sports Officer organises the sports that the cadets take part in and helps them to participate in sport at all levels within the ATC.

Other roles on this squadron include:

Adventure Training Officer – Flying & Gliding liaison Officer – BTEC Officer – Radio/Comm’s Officer.


The Air Training Corps aims to give sound and useful training to cadets that will help them in later life. Civilian Instructors, or CIs, are the men and women who are prepared and able to instruct in their own particular skills to give cadets knowledge and experiences outside the school curriculum.


If you feel you are interested in volunteering and wish to join as a staff member and need to know more or you would simply like further information on the roles shown above;

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