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RAF St Clements Church Parade

On the 12th February CWO Pavitt, CDT Buckley, CDT Radul amd CDT Sullivan attended the annual RAF St Clements Church Parade. FIRSTLY, We met at Loughton Station at 07.00 and arrived at Holborn station at 08.00. we walked to the meeting point. At 09.40, we got ready […]

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RAF Lakenhealth Visit 7th April

  CI Linger Mr Cornhill CWO Pavitt  SGT De Silva  SGT Starkins  CPL Mitchell  CPL Baker  CPL Zabbar  CPL Hill-Smith CDT Ghani  CDT Saliev CDT Kyte CDT Sullivan  CDT Qureshi CDT Jackson CDT Buckley CDT Radul  We all left the Squadron at 7:45am .  We arrived at […]

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