RIAT 2017

On 16th of July 2017 Cpl Baker, Cpl Hill-smith, Cdt Tompkins, Cdt Sullivan and Cdt Kyte all went to the Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford.

We all met at 4F (Ilford) Squadron at 02.00 and departed at 02.30 to make our way to RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire. On the journey up there was music playing to pass the time. We finally got to RAF Fairford at 05.00.

When we arrived, there was already a long queue waiting to enter the gates which didn’t open for another hour and a half, during our wait there was a lot of jokes, funny moments and laughs between the cadets. When the gates finally opened and passed through security we all went straight towards the runway to get the best seats and view which paid off as we had got a place right by the tape line 10m from the edge of the runway in the red zone, which when the planes and jets took off was the best place to see them.

They air show started around 1000 so for the next 3 and a half hours we waited patiently but some had fallen asleep,  and some were awake waiting for the first jet to come out and take off.

First off were 2 x F16’s. The noise of these were awesome and also enough to wake Cdt Sullivan up shaking!!  Throughout the day we saw aircraft such as B-1 Lancaster, C-130E Hercules, Spitfires, Tornado, C-17 Globemaster, Chinook, Apache, Sea Kings, Typhoon Eurofighters, the Red Arrows, lots of aerobatics teams from all over the word and also fighting aircraft from countries such as France, Canada, USA and Finland.  As we didn’t want to spend the entire day looking at aircraft we took the the chance to go and walk around looking at different stalls and attractions. There were a small number of different aircraft dotted about and Cpl Baker, Cdt Kyte and Cdt Tompkins managed to get inside a C17 Globemaster. We also managed to look at different bombs and missiles, spinning radars, vintage aircraft and cars, go into the ‘Techno tent’ which had all current and new 21st century technology inside. This technology included a Rolls Royce jet engine, flying simulators, and the RAF Village that included many people who were part of the RAF explain all of their different roles and jobs giving you a real insight of what it is like to be in the RAF. At 1700 it started to rain but because the Apache and Chinooks were flying no one was fazed by it. By 1800 the weather had cleared up and it was now time to go home. After an amazing day all of us fell asleep and we got back at 4F (Ilford) Squadron by 2200.

Photo’s to follow!!!!!

Cpl Sophie Baker