RAF St Clements Church Parade

On the 12th February CWO Pavitt, CDT Buckley, CDT Radul amd CDT Sullivan attended the annual RAF St Clements Church Parade. FIRSTLY, We met at Loughton Station at 07.00 and arrived at Holborn station at 08.00. we walked to the meeting point. At 09.40, we got ready for the parade and we did a practice run through before the parade commenced. At 10.15, we started marching to St Clements Church; passing by the crowd of People; videoing or taking pictures. The Church Service started at 11.00 and we listened and even joined in with the wonderful Speeches, Hymns and prayers. Also, we renewed the Cadet Promise. At approximately 12.00 the Church Service ended and we walked back to the meeting point to collect our belongings. Shortly after we hopped back onto the tube and finished back at Loughton station.