RAF Lakenhealth Visit 7th April


CI Linger

Mr Cornhill

CWO Pavitt 

SGT De Silva 

SGT Starkins 

CPL Mitchell 

CPL Baker 

CPL Zabbar 

CPL Hill-Smith

CDT Ghani 

CDT Saliev

CDT Kyte

CDT Sullivan 

CDT Qureshi

CDT Jackson

CDT Buckley

CDT Radul 

We all left the Squadron at 7:45am .

 We arrived at RAF Lakenheath at about 11:00. Where we had to under go a security check for the mini bus, we were then escorted by a Staff SGT  in the US Army.  In the first hangar, we were spoken to by the SGT’s and had a demostration of the security dogs, we were then shown the refuelling tank, medic/ambulance, bombs and missiles, and weather. Within the second hangar we saw three F15 jets and further more bombs. We were then taken back outside one of the hangers and gathered around a fire engine while we were told about it’s the role around the base. 

We left RAF Lakenheath at approximatley 15.20, Arrived back at Squadron at 17:20 after a great day out. 



CPL Hill-Smith