Wing Field Day


On Saturday 16th September the 2324 drill team went to compete at the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich in wing field day and entered the drill competition. Most of the team have never been to this event before. The team included the DI CWO Pavitt, FS Leggat, Cpl Mitchell, Cpl Starkins, Cpl Baker, Cdt Zabbar, Cdt Qureshi, Cdt Sullivan, Cdt Kyte, Cdt Hill-Smith and Cdt Midwinter. Upon arrival the team presented themselves for inspection, the team had spent countless hours polishing and ironing their uniform, which was at a perfect degree, from this they were presented with excellent scores.

All of the cadets were later supplied with a range of food to last them to the end of the day. After this it was time for their drill sequence to begin. They started off excellent and CWO Pavitt done very well to control the squad and this carried through to the end of the sequence.

Lastly it was a truly good way to show off the wing in the final parade. The winners of the drill competition were 12F with an extremely strong team. Our team finished with an excellent 4th place, but to all the new experiences to the cadets it was overall an unquestionably brilliant day and was only possible due to the staff that organised the great day.

Cdt Zabbar