This is what it’s all about – activities that offer challenge, excitement and adventure, and the knowledge you pick up along the way through instruction and first-hand experience.

Initially, you’ll attend a 4-week recruit course which provides a “taster” of what being a 2324 cadet is all about.  You’ll then start basic training and get gradually introduced to activities as you progress.

Get out and get active!  Cadet life is about learning through practical experience, especially in the great outdoors!  For example:

• Camping – work on your survival skills and learn your strengths in a team.
• Easter/summer camps – as you advance in rank, you can take part in these popular camps held at RAF stations around the UK.  And eventually there’s also the opportunity to attend overseas camps.
• Adventure training – the ATC has 2 centres (Windermere in the Lake District and Llanbedr in coastal Wales, both with stunning scenery) –  rock climbing, abseiling, high-level hill walking, mountain-biking, canoeing, high rope work and sailing are all par for the course.
• Gliding – there are fantastic opportunities to glide while you are a cadet, with the ultimate goal being a solo flight.  Training is in three stages:  a Gliding Induction Course (GIC), Gliding Scholarship (GS) and Advanced Gliding Training (AGT).
• Air Experience Flights – feel the thrill of powered flight, with a fully qualified pilot to guide you through taking control of the aircraft yourself.

We expect a lot from you – it’s a serious commitment to be a cadet – but once you’ve experienced it yourself we know you wouldn’t have it any other way.  Are you up to the challenge?

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