Chigwell Squadron was formed on 28 September 1958 and was originally based at RAF Chigwell, a radar and barrage  balloon base (the site is now occupied by the David Lloyd centre).  The base was de-commissioned in 1968 and, eventually, the Squadron moved to its current location in Squirrels Lane, Buckhurst Hill.  It is one of only two Squadrons in London Wing to have been based at an RAF Station.

Today the Squadron’s location means that we have almost unique access to the adjacent playing fields and acres of public land around the Roding Valley which we regularly use as a highly versatile training area.

Over the years, the Squadron has been proud of producing cadets of an exceptionally high calibre, who have gone on to successful careers in both military and civilian life.  Cadets from the Squadron have served in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Corps of Signals the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment, Royal Green Jackets and, of course, the Royal Air Force.  We have also produced a number of Wing staff, including the first commander of the new, expanded, London Wing.

Our training programme provides experiences to young people which they couldn’t hope to find anywhere else, including flying, gliding, shooting and essential life skills such as team work, leadership, initiative and self-discipline, raising self esteem and inner confidence amongst our young men and women.

We pride ourselves on packing a disproportional punch to our size and continue to make a considerable impression across London Wing, London and South East Region and beyond.